where God proves once again that there is nothing too hard for Him

Thursday, October 2, 2008

For the past year, Kim had been praying for no rain on her wedding date so the ceremony could be held outside. I hit the road in Rochester for the hour-long drive and drove through visibility-impairing rain much of my way there. I arrived around noon to a light misty drizzle.

Kim showed me the verses she had printed out…with the statement at the bottom that "God is in control and He will choose the weather." We spent the next 3+ hours checking the windows, judging the intensity of the rain and hoping for breaks in the clouds.

Here we are, testing the lighting for having the ceremony under the roof of the veranda. The chairs were set up inside, ready to go.

But wait! Is that sunshine I see?

Decision time. The coordinator said they'd haul out the outside chairs and set them up, in case it clears.

And then, the God who asks Jeremiah "is there anything too hard for me?" and of whom the disciples exclaimed "even the wind and the waves obey Him" steps in and holds back the rain. He held it off for the ceremony and all the photos afterwards…even for a trip onto the golf course.

When we got back to the lodge, it started raining again.

What have you been thinking is "too hard" for God?

(stay tuned for more pics of the wedding soon!)


Victoria said...

What a great wedding story!!!

So, are we praying for no blizzards on your day?:)

Where was this wedding, btw? It's soooo pretty!

jen said...

I'd love a light dusting of snow so everything's pretty!! I guess no blizzards until everyone is home safe :-)
This one was at Bristol Harbour…down south of Canandaigua. It was lovely.

Christina said...

Amazing, isn't He? Glad her day was all that she hoped and prayed for. I love when we hear the lessons that He prepares for us!!! :-)

Amy said...

This is GREAT! God *IS* in control-- absoluetly! Did I really tell my 4 yr old not to pray for God to bring him toys? The funny part was when his Mema suprised us and showed up--- bringing toys. ;0) He believes God answered his prayers even if his dumb mom told him not to pray for such things. ;0)
God is SO good. :0)

Anonymous said...

Okay, your last post was almost two months ago. Your log is the way I keep up on things in your life...so post something or you'll have to write a huge, ole' long, old-fashioned email to catch me up!

Andrea Pitcher

Christina said...

Is this blog still active!!! I know married life has you busy and all but let's go! :-) Miss you much! All my love XOXOX