Monday, February 23, 2009

like a car that hasn't been started in ages…the cough, sputter, groan, whir of the engine…the driver (author) bangs the heel of her hand on the steering wheel, partly in frustration, partly in encouragement, straining to hear the full roar of life coming from under the hood…c'mon, girl, let's get moving!

back when I first started to discover the wide world of blogs…when I was just reading others', with no thought of starting my own…I would find one that I enjoyed…read backwards for a few posts, then just settle down with the archives and read the entire blog in a sitting or two, getting to know this stranger and her kids and her daily life and her creative inspiration. Once I had caught up, I would visit the blog every day or so, hoping for more tidbits…maybe of a life that I wished I had, maybe of a life that just fascinated me for whatever reason. Sometimes there would be thoughtful essays that would make me ponder deeper things, sometimes it would just be a photo of a loaf of bread and I would try to imagine a life that would have me baking loaves of bread just because I wanted to.

What would frustrate me, the inveterate lurker, was when a blogger would simply cease blogging. No explanation, no visit me at my new site, no hint of impending doom in the last post…the last sentence trailing off in screams… She would just not post anymore. And I would get annoyed. As if she was posting for me in the first place. And as if I had every right to know the details of her baby's birth, her new job, her move cross-country, her garden wedding in New Hampshire, her book being published…or just if she got the haircut she was thinking about eight posts ago and if she finished the quilt she was working on and could I see it, please??

Now I get it.

And after three huge life changes all at once, I'm back.

For me, mostly.

Though I hope you enjoy the ride as well.


Victoria said...

I've knows almost every detail of your life these past few months - but I still miss the words you so adequately post! So glad you're back - Mrs. M!!!!!!

Janice said...

You will find married life causes many areas that succumb to "sputter"... but it is so worth it! And we will all still be here... waiting for your next post! No worries!

Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to have you online again. Love to hear the details, thoughts and creative outlets in your everyday life. Jump in again and don't look back - show us your new life!


Kinigirl said...

Yay!! I have missed your blog, although I completely understood that SOMETHING had to go! Can't wait to hear all about how you are doing, and how married life is!

Jenny K.

Christina said...

My bff made a post! Woo hoo. I can resume living again! LOL. :-) Love u and miss you TONSSSS and TONNNSSS!
Got so much to tell u---secrets, secrets....shhhhh!

M. said...

Glad to see you back, Jen...As ypu can see, I have also neglected the blogging - for like a year! :)

Shannon W. said...

"No explanation, no visit me at my new site, no hint of impending doom in the last post…the last sentence trailing off in screams… She would just not post anymore."

You made me grin. I just never thought of it that way:) But sometimes I've read a post in the archives of a blog promising some future post that just never came. And I get frustrated thinking, "hey, where's that post on such and such topic you said was coming? how could you forget? don't you know you have readers?"

But I know I've done the same thing. It's hard to remember all the things we intended, much more to follow through on them.