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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got some sunny tulips, just because.

Sweet Mr. Squirrel came visiting. He stayed there on my deck railing for almost 5 minutes while I took pictures. Barely moved the whole time!

You can hear the jets flying at our house…and sometimes even see them.

My mom & stepdad came for a visit, and we headed for Sumter's tourist attraction (yes, there is one)…the Swan Lake & Iris Gardens. Had a great conversation with a duck.

Dave's encounter with the whooper swan wasn't quite as friendly.

The baby geese paid us no attention whatsoever. must. find. food.

The heron put up with us until we were about 10 feet away.

The inchworm had no chance of escape.

The irises aren't out in force yet, but we found a few.

And they grow Magnolia blooms the size of my mother's head. But she'd probably disown me if I posted a picture of her on here. So I won't. Even though it's a lovely head.

I almost forgot the spooky turtles.


author said...

When we lived in Germany we'd often picnic at a lake near our apartment. There were some scenic swans paddling around the lake, which we thought were romantic. One day we were walking by the lake after dinner and had a similar experience - and another time saw then attack a man swimming in the lake.

Swans? Keep your distance. Romantic from a distance but a little evil from up close!

Andrea Pitcher

Janice said...

Love all of the pictures! Such beauty captured so purely.

For mother's day, my savannah gave me a yellow tulip. Just one. Plucked very close to the bloom. One of the only two I had growing around my back patio. But the joy and pride with which she gave it to me was so much more a treasure than the few extra days of life it would have had outside! :)

Mom McGinn said...

Wow! Love the pictures. Now I know which way to hang my picture! That is a good shot of the crane.

CHeL said...

Such pretty tulips. & I dig the spooky turtle. You mentioned on FB or someplace taking pics of an inchworm -- were you taking pics of an inchworm being attacked by a spider? that's kinda gross.

Dave said...

I still haven't figured out how Jen always' misses the airplanes at the base when she comes to visit me.

They seem to avoid her like the plague.

Christina said...

Love the action shot of Dave running from a swan! LOL...and of course, my friend is so gifted in her art of photography. Gorgeous shots. xoxo