Monday, November 30, 2009

for family

for perfect pies (can I say that about my own pies?)

for a super delicious turkey (in spite of the classic rookie mistake)

for new recipes shared at the last minute

for a table topped with wedding gifts galore.

I hope you understand that it's relief and gratitude…and not arrogance…that makes me say this first Thanksgiving meal of ours was amazing!

The turkey was seasoned (with rosemary I grew!) & cooked to perfection and the made-from-scratch stuffing (dressing?) made even my stovetop-loving husband happy. My family classic rutabaga made it feel like a real holiday to me, as it has always been the one constant in holiday dinners for me growing up. And the pies really were perfect…maybe I've inherited my mom's knack for really great crusts! My sister-in-law made the gravy, and it was just right.

We ate all we wanted, and our fridge is still full of leftovers.

We are blessed. And grateful. God has given us so very much more than we ever dreamed of.


Victoria said...

I'm coming for dinner next year!

Anonymous said...

YUM! It all looks great. Pies look amazing and I'm sure they tasted as good as they look. Next family get together you're on for dessert. I hope you've learned how to cook without calories & fat! Love, Mom

Mom McGinn said...

It looks like you did a fantastic job on your Thanksgiving dinner. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

so...who are you? do I know you?! you seem vaguely familiar...

I read your comment to me and found your blog. We do have some surprising similarities (not only David's, but sewing, authors, photos, gardens and generally pretty things) :) I would love to hear some of your wedding advice/marriage thoughts.

(annastep at gmail)