my bargain dress

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anybody else out there like to browse around in TJ Maxx/Marshalls, searching for the crazy clearance items that are almost like them paying you to take things out of their store? I'm the girl wandering around muttering to herself, trying to figure out if three dollars is too much to pay for a picture frame with a scratch on a corner or no glass. (My husband would say yes, indeed, it IS too much, seeing as how we have no less than 40 picture frames [I just counted] propped up against the walls of our dining room, waiting for me to put them somewhere that makes sense).

But wait. This post doesn't have anything to do with picture frames. Notice the title. It says DRESS.

So, I was wandering around TJ Maxx this summer, hoping to find a dress to wear to a wedding in September. It's not that I didn't already have any dresses. I have a few. But none that were really wanting me to wear them to a wedding. Well, one would have been great, but that dang zipper won't go all the way up…what's up with that??

I have tried on a few dresses in TJMaxx by one particular designer/studio and really really liked the graphic design patterns of the dresses, and the fabric that drapes perfectly, and the colors and the styles…but just never wanted to spend $40 on a dress that I didn't really need for anything. Does that make me cheap? Frugal? Whatever. I couldn't do it.

But then…on the clearance rack…for no reason I could see…was one of those dresses.

You can see the "original" price here (I don't know where on earth they actually sell for a hundred and eighteen bucks!). You can see the great color combo, the great fabric pattern design, the fun understated ruffles…oh, and the plunging v-neck that threatened to expose my belly button for all the world to see!! Who wears these things like that?? I mean, really? Is that necessary? Drives me batty, sometimes, the secrets girls don't keep.

Moving right along. Do you see the clearance tag here? That says $10? That meant I had to try the dress on to see what could be done about it. Turns out it pretty much fit perfectly everywhere else.

And there was a double ruffle going all the way around the neckline, so I could do some discriminate snipping, and use the extra to fill in that crazy vee.

It took a little bit of sticky stuff to keep the ruffle together while I sewed it in place, and it's a good thing it's ruffley, so I didn't have to have it all perfect and everything, but I was quite pleased with my $10 bargain dress + an hour or so of effort. And I already had the perfect accessories (bought on clearance another time, another place, of course!)

And just so you know I do smile. I just didn't think my head was going to be in that picture when I took it! Here's me and my sweetie at the wedding. Don't we coordinate nicely? :)


Victoria said...

Thanks for the explanation of why you're not smiling in that first pic - was concerned you were picking up on your husband's photo habits. At least you didn't use him to model this sewing project as you did the last one:)

I love the dress, love the adjustments you made and absolutely LOVE the picture of you and Dave!!! Fantastic! And he's smiling:)

becky said...

Love it! You shop like I do! The dress was there for you.

Great picture of you and Dave!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Great idea to alter the dress. That's a great picture of the two of you :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the dress and the sale will make that sweet every time you put it on (My sale of the month is a 20 pound turkey for $5.08 which will feed us and the Jalowiec family tomorrow night - cheap dinner for 12 coming right up!)

Have been turning your phrase over in my head: the secrets girls don't keep these days

Also love the new banner.


Dave said...

Along the lines of 40 picture frames...

I have a new rule in this house...

Before anyone buys a new dress, or new gun, or another picture frame...NO MATTER HOW GOOD A DEAL it is, we have to get rid of something at the same time...

New dress in...old dress gun in old gun out.

At the rate we are going, I am going to go over my maximum weight allowance when we move.

Anonymous said...

It turned out lovely. The picture of you and Dave is wonderful.


ERay said...

You are too funny! And, I LOVE TJ Maxx! Don't you just love it when you find a deal?...I just bought a much-needed rug for our kitchen for $3. It had a small snag that I cut out and now you can't even tell the difference. It was the perfect color of green and everything. Hooray for that!