one hundred and fifty-three days

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You've rolled over a handful of times, but haven't really done it on purpose yet.

Your mama smooches your face about a thousand times a day. You even smooch back…sloppy, drooly, messy kisses!

Recessive gene eyes! We're still wondering if they'll stay blue. Or maybe go grey?

You've discovered your feet, and are quite fascinated by them.

I love that this was an accidental photo.

We have matching sneakers! But yours won't fit for too much longer.

Not one smile did you crack during this photo shoot. I guess we needed daddy here, because you've always got smiles for him.

You're doing great with the unassisted sit…you can't get there on your own yet, but you can stay up for quite a while if we sit you up. You do tend to just plain tip over when you're done, though.

You can scootch backwards on your tummy, and can dial yourself around in a circle on your back. You love to stand up on mama or daddy's lap and just stare all around at things…sometimes with commentary.

You are very serious and observant when we take you out and about, and you don't give out smiles to just anybody. Same with the camera…you tend to give it a dead-on stare, rather than one of your brilliant smiles that we love so much.

You are exploring all the different fun things you can do with your voice…from the breathy screech to the low giggle that's almost more of a chuckle to just general babbling. We rarely get that giggle, either…it's mostly just when we are changing you into your jammies at night. Or when you're over-tired and mama tickles you relentlessly…but that particular giggle often quickly changes to a cry.

We love you, Lucy Paige…more after these one hundred and fifty-three days then we did on day one. It's so fun to watch you learn and grow and explore your little world. May God grant us wisdom to teach you truth and guide you safely.


ERay said...

She is just so beautiful!

Grandma Mcinn said...

I just love your Blog of Lucy. It's almost like being there. Love you all.

Janice said...

Love all the pictures!! She is beautiful... but my favorite pics are the ones that I get a peek at you my beautiful and very missed friend!!

NathanaelAndHeather said...