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Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's mostly a very serious baby, but about a month ago she came up with this:

It's a smile that takes serious concentration. And though it may look like she's making all kinds of noises while she's doing this, it's actually a totally silent process with very serious faces in between the grins.

She does have some normal smiles in her repertoire as well…and though she is serious much of the time, it's a happy serious. She's quite content and seems to be thoroughly enjoying this process of growing up and discovering things. Like blocks! With letters!

Sometimes I think she's just so happy that she can sit up by herself. She just sits and smiles and waves her arms around for a while and it's all great fun for her.

It's nice, because I can sit her down in the hallway and do laundry and she's just happy to be there! I hope she's also learning how to take over this job asap…

We had some beautiful weather this past month and spent some time outside. She grabbed her first handful of grass…and didn't try to eat it!

She loves bathtime, and has discovered splashing. And rubber duckies. She likes them both.

We've tried various foods with little to no success. This picture is misleading, as it looks like she's really enjoying her apples. Actually, I think she did enjoy the apples…but mostly she just closes her mouth and turns away. No thanks, mama.

She does love her some daddy time!

And of course she loves to eat several things that are not food. Her safety straps being one of her absolute favorites.

Her sneakers are another.

I simply cannot explain how much I love this face.

And this one.

And this one.

Yummy block! C is for cookie!

And this is how she spent a good 15 minutes tonight, watching the fire. Comfy :)

This age is so much fun…we love watching her play as she discovers new things she can do. She loves to hang out in the kitchen with mama, watching me fix breakfast or empty the dishwasher. She will sit for increasingly longer periods by herself and play with one or two toys the whole time. She is sweet for other people who want to hold her and has started giving out smiles more and more to anyone who tries to get one from her. She has her screechy noisy times and when she babbles, it sounds more and more like words…dadadada being the primary sound, though I think she has yet to connect that to "daddy." She loves it when daddy comes home, and I had better be done feeding her when he walks through the door, 'cause she is totally distracted by him. She loves to play with the patches on his uniform. We have just this week been putting her to bed without rocking her to sleep first, and she's doing great…still cries a bit, but not for long at all. We have been so very blessed with this sweet girl, and we are grateful to God for entrusting us with her care and training. Seven months already!

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JulieMom said...

She is beautiful Jen! And that is SUCH a fun age! The first one is always sweet, to trick you into having a second...haha. Enjoy every moment! She will thank you someday for the thousands of pictures you'll have.