heeere kitty kitty!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm trying to remember the last time I was at a zoo…I think perhaps it was many years ago, that year that I was really in terrible shape but guilted myself into doing the zoo run/race anyway and almost puked right at the finish line. Maybe I did puke and I've blocked that part. Not a happy memory.

I think I'll replace that zoo memory with this most recent one. No puking, just sore muscles from all the crazy hills with a baby strapped to me or in the stroller…though I did manage to time the worst hill for when Dave was stroller-pushing…I'm savvy like that.

I took so many photos that I'm just going to share the kitty cats with you tonight.


First up, we have a mountain lion/puma. One of these guys bounded across Highway One in front of my husband on his way to work a few weeks back. He may look all lazy and chill here, but from Dave's description, a mountain lion in an all-out leaping run is pretty amazing.



Snow Leopard

Chinese Leopard. Make that hungry Chinese leopard. I think he wanted Lucy for lunch. So glad for the four fences between us.


Did I just list all the OSX versions in almost backwards order?


Victoria said...

Great photos.

I never want a mountain lion running in front of me...I'll be satisfied hearing it second-hand!

Love the Apple reference! :)

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Love the pics. So glad one didn't eat Lucy, that would have been a travesty! :-)

Grandma Mcinn said...

Yes You did!!!