dresses for zambia

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seven years ago, I went to Zambia, Africa. I was pretty sure at the end of the trip that I wouldn't ever go back. Not because I didn't love it there, but because I was pretty sure God had a different plan for me. I didn't have any idea what that plan was at the time, mind you, I was just pretty sure it didn't involve Zambia. Which made me sad at the time. I met a woman there who really taught me what joy and trust in the Lord was. I would like to sit down and talk with her again. I had little girls follow me around and kids sit behind me so they could touch my hair. I was surrounded by hundreds of African people singing praises to Jesus. It was an experience I will cherish always.

Several weeks ago, I found out that my home church was sending some folks to Zambia on another trip like I had taken. And they were getting together beforehand to make dresses to bring for the girls they would meet. I thought of the little girls who had followed me around (my photos are on another hard drive, or I'd dig them up and show you). I thought about how they dressed…in cast-off American t-shirts and cheap flip flops with a wrap-around skirt that could double as a mat to sit on or a sling for a baby.

Even though I had a million things to get done at home before leaving on a long trip, I just felt like this was something I had to do. I got details on the dresses and found some fabric in my stash…fabric I had picked up for some other project a few years ago that never got used. Turns out it was just the right fabric, and just the right yardage, to make three dresses for some girls who maybe have never owned a dress made just for them.

I hope these dresses make some girls smile, and make them feel pretty and loved. I hope they stand up to being worn every day for years on end. And I hope someday I get to meet the girls who will wear them.

I'm glad to know that, though I may never go to Zambia again, my dresses will.

The tutorial I used for the dresses can be found here, and the tutorial I used for the pockets can be found here.


Kate Thomas said...

What a wonderful story. Beautiful job with the dresses! I think they will be loved!

Janice said...

Love Love LOVE!!!! And you never know... you have a lot of friends in Zambia! Perhaps a second honeymoon someday??
If I ever see a little girl in one of these in the years to come... I will BE SURE to send you the picture! :)

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Love the dresses, and the meaning behind them. Those are some lucky little girls! :-)