eight months already!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Better get her 8-month post up before she's 9 months!

She's stolen the "C" … apparently wants to be known as "Luy" from now on?

She's enthralled by fire, and enjoys sitting with daddy in the man chair watching the flames. If daddy's not home, she'll watch the fire by herself…all comfy on the floor like so:

She's super content to play in her play pen or on the floor with a few toys. Once she knows I'm watching her, though, she wants mama time! She caught me sneaking up on her here.

She had just woken up from a nap and gave me the sweetest series of faces, from totally zoned to grabbing for the camera. Here's one of the ones in between. Love how her eyes match the chair.

We love spending the day in SLO, doing some shopping and finding yummy food. Okay, mama loves it…Lucy enjoys being along for the ride. Here she is on the table outside at the Urbane Cafe. Some day I'm sure she'll have a Senior Portrait to match this shot.

Sleepy-eyed girl at her first Easter sunrise service, after getting up in the wee small hours to bring daddy to the airport. She was a trooper. Even though she looks less than thrilled.

Later on Easter Sunday…she was just talking and gesturing away…she's such a sweet, happy girl!

Even later on Easter Sunday…in her official first Easter outfit. 

More talking and gesturing and posing…wish I had set her up with better lighting for this one!

Trying out our new Kozy carrier…she needed some snuggle time and mama needed to get some things done! Conked right out. Yay.

A walk along the riverbed. Loving the new carrier…and her new Gap hat. There were some days this month that the only thing that would calm her down was heading out for a walk.

And here she is on her 8-month birthday, enduring her first plane ride! She slept the whole first leg, and this shot is of her just waking up at the end.

Lucy, it's been a big month for you! I'm trying to feed you baby food, but you are much more interested in sucking on your bib and tasting the paper towel I clean you off with. You still aren't rolling over or crawling, but you do love to "fly" on your belly…arms & legs waving and kicking. You get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth a bit and sometimes even scootch backwards, but you have yet to move forward on purpose. And that's okay. Life is still pretty easy, knowing you're not going to disappear on me if I turn my back for a minute :)

You love to talk, and wave your hands around like you're conducting some invisible orchestra. You think your hands are the coolest things ever. You love playing with paper or anything that makes that fun crinkly noise. You rarely nap for more than 40 minutes at a time, but most of the time you sleep the night through with just an early-morning nursing and back to bed. You've been working on your teeth for a while now (and there will be more on that in your 9-month post!). 

We love your grin and your squeals and your babbling and your half-hearted attempts at locomotion. We love your snuggles and smiles and drool (well, daddy is still a bit drool-shy). We love watching you learn new things. We love all the compliments you receive from total strangers. We love you. More and more all the time.

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tabitha brazel said...

your baby is so cute! and you're a really good photographer