outside vs. inside

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You've now been outside my body as long as you were inside it!

Milestones this month:

Official transition from your infant car seat to a convertible car seat. Which also means you get to ride in the shopping cart seat now, and ride facing forward in a stroller. I am amazed at how much you have loved stroller riding when you can see all around you. You hold onto the tray and sit up straight and just smile and smile, occasionally waving your arms around. You love the feel of the wind in your face. On a long walk, you eventually slouch back, pop one foot up over the side and just chill. 

Time with the grandparents! They have all really enjoyed getting to know you at this age, and you've enjoyed lots and lots of love from all of them. 

Road trips! After your first plane ride on your 8-month birthday, we had a couple of days of longish road trips on our way to meet up with Daddy. You do really well in the car…such an improvement from when you were mere weeks old and screamed the whole time.

Beer! Just kidding. I just think this picture is funny.

Cousins! (And their parents!) You met your cousin Gabby for the very first time, and the two of you have had a great month+ getting to know each other. I think you'll both be sad when we are back on the other side of the country and can't spend time together. You got to spend a weekend + with your cousin Esther, and she just can't get enough of you! 

Food…let's just say you don't follow all the books. You think it's funny when I try to feed you with a spoon, and would much rather take the spoon and chew on it. I manage to get some food into you this way, but you are still just not very interested in baby food. You were almost all the way to 9 months when I offered you some avocado…and you ate it and wanted more! Ever since, we've been offering you bits and pieces of lots of things we're eating, and you really like most of it. Still not eating very much of any one thing, but you have tried lots and lots of new foods.

Sightseeing! we got to take you to some historic spots near where we were staying. 

Restaurant highchairs! Since we're not home, we're eating out much more often, and you are getting good at sitting in your own chair (and getting strangers to talk to us).

Teeth! Those first two bottom teeth showed up about halfway through this month after not much fussing at all…just lots and lots of drool and a few nights of interrupted sleep. You're a dream baby.

Swinging! Both in the park and at Uncle Chris' house…you get all mellow in the swing.

Spectator sports: Daddy's been playing softball, so we get to go watch. You chill out in your stroller and take it all in.

New toys! At both cousins' houses, you've gotten to play with way more toys than you have tried as of yet. Toys requiring batteries (help!). You have enjoyed all the exploring and have figured out quickly how to make the noises you want to hear.

Clapping! You've figured out how to put your hands together…the clapping noise comes a bit later on :)

You manage to scootch yourself backwards, but haven't yet figured out forward, purposeful mobility. You still love to "fly" on your belly with arms & legs going like crazy. 

You love being outside and I can generally count on a walk to calm you down if you're cranky. You love textures and sounds and exploring how the two relate (spent several minutes rubbing your head on the foam mat, then the laminate flooring, curious about the different feel & sound!) You cluck your tongue and think it's great when every adult around you starts doing it, too.

You love doggies & cats & birds & airplanes & being outside. You get super excited when you hear the door and know that Daddy is home.

I love being your mama. As much as I loved the 9 months of holding you inside of me, I have loved these past 9 months of holding you and loving you and looking in your eyes and watching you grown and learn and discover. 


Victoria said...

I'm finally catching up on some blogs. It's amazing how fast little ones grow...and I love how you've chronicled Lucy's first year! She is precious....and I love how you adore motherhood.

clabigan said...

Amazing pictures ;)