exhausting (happy) birthday

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three hundred and sixty-six days ago, we served you your eviction notice and then forcibly dragged you out into this big crazy world. You've charmed pretty much everyone you've come into contact with ever since.

Here's some photos from today, one year after your entrance.

You woke up so happy! Mama sang Happy Birthday to you…the first of several renditions you would hear today.

You conked out in the car on the way to the Doctor's office. I know. Who schedules a doctor's appointment ON your birthday?? Sorry.


You had a great time climbing around in the exam room…

You were a bit perplexed by the bandage on your finger…it didn't take you long to get it off! No tears for the pinprick, though. Brave girl.

How about going grocery shopping on your birthday? Fun, right? Okay…not so much. Again, sorry, baby. Maybe when you have a clue what a birthday is we'll do more fun stuff on it!

Your first cup of milk! More, please.

You were so very tired by the time we got to your cupcake. You want me to do what, Daddy?

Okay, I guess I'll try it. Meh.

And then you swooped that cupcake right into your arms and snuggled it to death.

The end.


Chris said...

LOVE the 'milk' photo! It wasn't till well after her 1st bday that Gabby would drink milk (other than Mama's.) Keep her drinking lots of it!

Kirstin Boeken said...

Love little Lucy!!! She is soo sweet!

Victoria said...

I'd swoop cupcakes into my arms, too, if it were acceptable for grown-ups to do! ;)