Thursday, October 18, 2012

I love watching Lucy figure things out. She starts with an observation, asks a few questions, then either solves the issue or moves on to something else. Tonight, it was putting things (a washcloth, a ball, a toy much too large) into a plastic cup while in the bath. A few weeks ago, she was exploring the effect of the light coming through my green water bottle.

ooh, pretty!

look, this green stuff is spilling off the table…

what's up with that?

hey! now it's on my arm!

does it taste good?

can I shake it off?  wipe it on my shorts? 

look at it cross-eyed?

sorry mom, somehow I got green stuff all over me.

don't worry, baby girl, it isn't permanent…

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I saw this closer to when you posted it, Jen, but I was just showing it to Jake tonight and we both think it is just so cute and great the way you captured Lucy's exploration process!