a half

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm guessing in a few years, Lucy will be anxiously awaiting Valentine's Day…not for the candy and hearts and all of that, but so she can then say "I'm four AND A HALF!" Children are so thrilled to be that much closer to another year older.

So I imagine her these days to be responding in her baby brain, when every stranger we meet asks how old she (or he!) is, "I'm a half!"

But she is so whole. Whole-ly lovable and kissable and squeezable. Whole-ly our daughter, though many more people say she looks like Dave than like me. Whole-ly loved and cherished.

She's sitting up great, and does her "flying girl" thing on her tummy, but isn't rolling over or crawling just yet. She gets so very close sometimes! We are enjoying the last bit of time we have before she goes mobile. I'm sure life will get much more complicated when it happens.

She's really a sweet baby…wakes up happy and doesn't have cranky days all that often. She's super mellow when we take her out and about…she mostly just sits back and takes it all in.

And yes, I realize that most of my photos of her are all about the eyes…but how can I not?

Enjoy :)

In this last photo, you can see the bubble in her eye…it's a conjunctival cyst that the opthamologist hopes will just pop on its own. It doesn't bother her in the slightest that we can tell, and it's only visible when she's looking upwards, like here.

Looking forward to all the "halfs" to come, my sweet Lucy girl!




Tricia Eisel-Miles said...

What a beautiful and obviously very loved little girl Miss Lucy is.

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Oh my, she is so precious. Happy anniversary to you two and happy "half" to Lucy!

Victoria said...

Always gorgeous!!

The bubble is pretty cool, actually. I'm sure she'll be fine!