a lot can happen in three years!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We took our girl for her first overnight trip back in January for our anniversary. A much different anniversary celebration than the previous two! She looked so teeny in the chair in the hotel room…and barely awake…

She loves her some daddy time! I know…I've really got to keep her in headbands. I really don't blame folks for thinking she's a boy some days!

We just headed up the road a bit to Paso Robles and wandered around the little downtown area with cute shops and cafes and such. It's wine country, so we visited a winery on our way out of town…I love seeing the rows and rows and rows of vines all pruned up and waiting for the sunshine and rain to bring forth fruit.

I'm so glad I married the man I married. It's been a fantastic three years…full of adventure and change and learning and love.


Tricia Eisel-Miles said...

Love the Mac Apple Family, so cute :)

Victoria said...

Baby changes everything - she makes the love grow deeper.